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About Us

BCBLive!™ (Best Conceptions Broadcasting) was born out of a desire to help others get their message out to those that need or want to hear it. In a modern world of technical advance and the push to bring internet access to the entire planet, it has become obvious to me that everyone has a right to be heard. Most people would have you believe that you need all kinds of high end equipment in order to broadcast out to the world, when in fact you can do so on even a very "shoestring" type of budget. Let me show you how you can enter the live streaming community, build your very own broadcasting network on the internet so that you can build out a brand for yourself or your company and take your business to heights you never imagined!

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Best Equipment

We point you to the right equipment with the specifications required to fit your needs, so you're ready to upgrade when your budget allows.

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Best Software

When it comes to broadcasting, video editing and sound software, you have lots of choices. Free to Expensive. You get to decide what works for you.

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Best Training

BCB's Live Streaming Academy is specifically tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We offer both pre-recorded and LIVE hands-on training

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