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It took LiveBox™  engineers 3 years to design and build a system that gives you everything you need to produce high-quality, network video streams at rock-bottom prices. LiveBox™ is an innovative, integrated suite of video software, dedicated streaming server, and often looked over bandwidth resource tools designed to give you the means to professionally create and live stream content sourced from almost anywhere, to virtually every possible destination, including Facebook, YouTube, ROKU, a cable head, ANYWHERE!

In addition to supplying you with the right tools for the job, with the utmost in feature sets, your LiveBox™ account not only allows you to simulcast content to multiple locations across the internet, but also lets you build a business at the same time!

With no viewer limits or shorting you on destinations!

Due to the nature of studio configurations and personal choices, we don’t restrict you with proprietary (one-way) configurations.  We believe that live streaming should be an adventure of discovery, allowing the new broadcaster to decide for themselves what kind of look and feel they want to have at their disposal.  This set-up is yours and yours alone, and we WANT  you to customize it to not only suit your needs, but your taste as well.

With our mutual help, you’re able to make an educated decision regarding the professional equipment and/or services you’re about to purchase.  We NEVER push any products or services just to make money, nor do we build streaming machines full of things you don’t want or need.  You say don’t see specs or prices listed here for our computers?  Why not? Because we’re negotiable on our builds, and it really depends on what you want from us!

We RECOMMEND what we know works best, but ultimately this is YOUR studio, and YOUR decisions.

Also, not to be a downer or anything, but there are going to be times that your studio will break down.  The average life-expectancy of a PC (Personal Computer) is NOT what many people think, in reality it’s believed that a computer should last 3-5 years before having to be fully replaced, think about that for a minute.  Besides a cloud solution you don't have to maintain, you’re going to want a broadcast unit that’s UPGRADEABLE.  If you go and put all your money into the wrong basket, you may find yourself way behind the times in a couple of years.  Don’t by old, used, outdated equipment or services… it just won’t do anymore.

Streaming video isn’t that big of a deal, but if you’re looking for professional quality streams, you’ve come to the right place.