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Best’s Guide to LIVE Stream Video Broadcasting

Build, Work & Play in Your Own LIVE Streaming Production Studio

I waited a long time to write this.  I created this guide as a means to help others navigate the open waters of what is by far the fastest flowing, socially active medium available today…Real-Time LIVE Streaming Video!  Whether you’re tip-toeing the shore, not sure you want to get your feet wet, or one excited to dive in on camera, then you’re in luck, because this guidebook is especially for you!”  ~Leland Best

Begin your Live Stream Video adventure by diving deep into the Who, What, Where, When, and Why of How it’s done!  Leland Best, CEO of BCBLive!™ will be your guide, as he shows you step-by-step how to build your very own in-home broadcasting studio from the ground up!
This guidebook covers all. Printed in exquisite, not-too-techie detail with 12 Chapters, and over 31,000 words on 105,  full-color 8.5″x11″pages! This guide is for the first-time video broadcaster or the seasoned podcaster new to streaming video! Packed with links to an untold number of other resources!

  • Upgrade an Old or Build a New Live Streaming PC
  • Pick Out the Proper Equipment within Your Budget!
  • Learn How to Succeed when Performing LIVE!
  • Overview of the Top 14 Live Streaming Apps and Websites!
  • Discover How to Simulcast/Syndicate Your Live Streams!
  • Know What to Do if Your Live Stream Dries Up Midstream!

Don’t miss this chance to get on the fast-track to creating your very first Live Stream Video Broadcast!


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