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What’s This Book All About?

I’ve waited a long time to write this, and what’s reflected upon in the following pages could not have come out at any time earlier than the present. I created this guide as a means to help others navigate the open waters of what is by far the fastest flowing, ever-expanding, socially active medium available today…

Real-Time LIVE Streaming Video!

Whether you’re tip-toeing along the streaming shoreline, not sure whether you want to get your feet wet, or super excited to dive in, you’re in luck! I’ve spent the last few months preparing this 100 pg guidebook especially for all of you!

If you consider yourself somewhat a champion of live streaming, you may find some tricks here you weren’t aware of, but if you’re a seasoned vet, working with studio, stage or larger venues, or already a hard-core game streamer, this book probably isn’t for you, it’s focus is to help the newcomers get going in live video.

When I started this project, I intended for it to be both a teaching guide and a reference tool for new desktop broadcasters. With that goal in mind, I’ve already begun production of a companion video course. The doors will open as soon as the videos are available for your consumption, most likely by mid-Fall 2017.

I’m not here to command specific ways streaming should be done and I’m not going to unpack every detail as to how & why it works. I’m simply here to give you the resources you need to get started and a little shove in the right direction to avoid the pitfalls. Besides, discovery is half of the fun, and with live streaming, there is still some seriously uncharted territory to explore!

I’d like to start everyone off with a pinch of live stream history, salted with a touch of my own professional experiences. Along the way, I’ll give you a taste of who I am unpeeled, and toss in a slice or two of my corny-flavored advice. Hopes are when mixed together, they will make this less of a geek-ed out technical manual and more of a fun, laid-back kind of experience that you can refer back to time and again.

This guide is not a step-by-step of how to produce a show, nor do I cover using mobile devices in this edition. This guide is written to inspire you to develop your own unique live video broadcasting strategy, one tailored to deliver your personal or brand-driven messages to the audience of your choosing.

Along the way, you will learn how to create live video broadcasts with as little effort, time and cost as necessary, it’s all about having some fun while you do!

When finished, you should be able to inject any mess boldly into a live stream. It’s what we like to call “Making your Mess your Message”. You should try it.

Much of the information I will present on streaming live video is readily available on a gamut of sites across the internet. But, I felt it was time to put to rest some of the questions people struggle with daily, like the where, when, how, and why. So, I decided publishing a volume you could have ready at your side while learning, might prove most effective. My hopes are you feel the same way!

Looking ahead, future editions, smaller volumes and videos will hash out in much greater detail, the more widely used features of the software encoder apps and SaaS (Software as a Service) websites that are only touched upon this time around. We’ll look over some of the best options available and take note of those to avoid. I don’t want to see you wasting your time with software that doesn’t work like it should or get taken by developers that charge too much money for a software or service that is available somewhere else for free.

There is a bulk of info inside, so set your own pace. If you feel what I’m sharing here is still not enough for your appetite, you’re welcome to join the companion video course, once it’s available. There you’ll have full access to literally hours of High Def video content that fully explain everything within, and much more!

But before we begin, let me tell you a few things this book won’t do.

It won’t make you a video star. I’m no technical genius, software dev or one that claims to be an expert in every facet of live video. I offer my fountain of personal knowledge and experience using live video to help you produce and broadcast shows from your own home studio. I’m opening up my little toolbox and sharing with you the tips and tricks I discovered along the way, so you can benefit also.

I’m happy knowing that I do my best everyday to push the perimeter, bust the boundaries, and break the rules commonly adhered to inside this wonderful, wacky world of live stream video. If you ever get stuck, feel confused, or have any questions at all about anything you find in this guide, reach out to me below. I’ll be sure to get the answer you seek. We’re in this together to help each other.

I’d like to send a big #shoutout to all of those who supported me throughout this endeavor and to you, the reader, who support my efforts with your purchases.