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Did BeLive.tv Just Say “Talk Show” Free-for-All?!


Wow! A month full of Talk Shows and Talking Heads!belive-tv-talk-show-pricing-plan

Did you see what’s happened in Live Streaming over the past few weeks?  Wasn’t it incredible to see the pace at which the broadcast offerings available have expanded and are now almost looking limitless?  Kind of like the universe just clicked on fast forward, wouldn’t you say?

Today BeLive.tv made a few announcements from across the pond in Israel with their latest feature updates.  Now that their BETA testing phase has come to a close, they are welcoming in a few new esthetic tweaks and are giving EVERYONE a 14 day FREE Trial of their infamous “Talk Show” format!

The newly released broadcast pricing schedule has just come out and was announced as shown in the chart below…

They are giving a reduced fee (2 free months), if you pay up front for a year!  This reduced the monthly rate by a few dollars (Rates go from $15 and $25/mo to $12 and $20/mo. when paid annually).  For a platform that gives you all the features is does, it’s a well-rounded and reasonable price to broadcast.


Be sure you’ve considered whether or not you’ll do more than 16 x 20-min broadcasts a month, and how many of the features you’d like before you go and click that Buy Now button!  The way it’s setup now somewhat forces everyone I’m associated with to end up automatically in the Standard $25/mo. bracket.

BeLive is giving us a fair first-time offering.  It somewhat compares to how Huzza hit the scene last year, starting in at around $15/mo. with 4 seats, recordings and scheduled FBLive access, which then quickly departed when the platform was bought out by KickStarter.  More stuff to play with here than Huzza for sure, but we’ll just have to see what happens next over at BeLive.tv!

For those that prefer the “pay-to-play” model this is by far the best choice to date, but then you’re instantly caught up in a perpetual fee to broadcast LIVE to Facebook, which by the way, only gives up it’s archive at 640x360p video resolution, hardly viable for any HD video repurposing.

Let’s hope they soon add a feature to go to YouTube LIVE soon as well.  (hint,hint)

Tzafrir Rehan, CEO of Belive.tv DID confirm within the Belivers FB Group that the basic features (not “Talk Show”) would remain free even after the 14 day trial of the full suite demo is over for the user.


Of course, many that subscribe to my channel already know that I prefer the “free-to-play” or “pay once” to get your own live video production software application, that way you can stream on indefinitely to anywhere you’d like, free of charge, in-house audio+video recordings in Hi-Def included, not to mention a LOT of other cool bells & whistles!

I’ll be sure to follow this up with a complete review once the dust settles.  I’ve been waiting for the platform to finalize it’s beta before producing a full-on review of everything BeLive.tv has to offer!  See you soon!

Meanwhile, Keep Calm and Stream On!