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Video Capture Cards and Other Devices

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Webcaster X1 for Facebook Live

– Lets you use any camera to live stream to Facebook (including embedded audio over HDMI)


Use Epiphan Webcaster X1 for Facebook Live to stream your HD camera to your Facebook Timeline, Event, Group or Page. Works with any camera, mixer or device with HDMI output to live stream HD video and embedded HDMI audio.  Choose to use it in a fully automated mode where all you need to do is power on Webcaster, connect your source, and stream live to Faecbook immediately.   Add a display and mouse to have precise control over stream start time, bit rate, resolution, stream destination (Timeline, Event, Group, or Page), privacy, target audience, and to see viewer comments and reactions on screen.

After your broadcast, Facebook converts your stream into a video on demand (VOD).  Whether you’re a house of worship, a business wanting to do live content marketing or a broadcast group who wants to quickly and easily do live streaming from the field, Webcaster X1 for Facebook Live is exactly what you need to get started!

Notes: Webcaster X1 is a live streaming system, it does not record your program. Webcaster X1 for Facebook Live is for streaming live to Facebook Live only, see Webcaster X1 for YouTube for live streaming to YouTube.


  • Stream any HDMI camera or source, including embedded HDMI audio directly to Facebook Live
  • Create high quality live video to increase likes, reactions and audience engagement for your Page, Event, or Group
  • Very easy to use – just authenticate Webcaster X1 to your Facebook account with a simple device code displayed on Webcaster’s front display and you’re ready to stream live
  • Add an optional display, mouse and keyboard for extra configuration and to monitor Facebook comments and reactions
  • Choose to send your live stream to your Timeline, Event, Page or Group!


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